Test is not just test

Especially when it comes to push chairs safety is one of most important points.  

Considering the amount of test institutes as well as various safety norms it is reasonable that dealers and parents just loose the exact overview. Main point is that the stroller has the common labels on it. Though hardly anybody is questioning what exactly these labels really mean and so it happens that parents buy a stroller with the delusion that the stroller was officially tested and fulfil all safety standards.

To test a push chair by an independent, official test institute is very time- and cost-intensive. Unfortunately very few companies are willing to invest that time and money. Instead they are doing the test by themselves and subsequently label the stroller with the labels of the official test institutes. Or they even pass on the test and just label the stroller to make the parents believe that it is tested. Moreover there are also self-created labels to put the requested safety feeling in the people’s mind.

Please notice following, important differences 

TÜV / GS Sign:

for Joggster Adventure 2, Joggster Trail 2, Joggster Sport,
Twin Adventure 2, Twin Trail 2, dot

This sign confirms that the push chair has been tested by an independent, certified institute according to the EN 1888 norm and the toys norm EN 71. Besides the mechanical test also the chemical test for softener (Phthalathe), PAKs, perspiration resistance, Azo- dye stuffs and other heavy metals is included.

In addition the factories are inspected every year by the test institute. Companies which use this label must be able to show the according certificate at any time. 

Please notice that is allowed to use the GS label in combination with the test institute only. Also all certificates must be on the homepage of the test institute.

EN 1888:

These logos are completely self-created by some companies. In best case the strollers are tested by themselves according to the EN 1888 standards. Though definitely the strollers are not tested by an independent, official test institute and also the toys norm EN71 is not tested. And there is no yearly inspection of the factories by a third party. The declaration ISO or DIN are totally misleading as they do not exist in combination with a push chair norm.