Success History

TFK was founded in 1997, born out of the idea that you shouldn’t have to exclude your own children from your sporting activities. It quickly developed into a brand standing for innovation, capturing the zeitgeist and promoting an active lifestyle. The trend caught on and today, 3-wheel pushchairs and buggies are held in the highest regard. 

Today’s range of joggers boasts a variety of models and designs. However, against this backdrop differences in quality and use for the different brands are increasingly emerging.

TFK is the force behind innovation in today’s range of joggers and has been meeting high technical and qualitative demands a number of years now. Year upon year, we constantly raise the bar in terms of multifunctionality, sportiness and ergonomic requirements. Constant quality control, both on-site and by the TÜV (Germany’s technical inspection authority) and endurance testing at sporting events (such as inline skating routes, marathons, blade nights for skaters, and so on) makes our product what it is today.

The TFK Kangaroo is a brand that signifies quality.