the new outdoor buggy dot 2

Tap Shoe
Quiet Shade
Tango Red

The comfortable travel wonder for every globetrotter is now available in a serial outdoor variety.
The DOT 2 is the perfect companion, for when you are traveling over hill and dale for a change.
It is handy, compact, light, robust, yet still extremely comfortable – this is not only due to this buggy’s matchless comfortable, continuously adjustable laying surface. Its airworthy folding dimensions make it a real globetrotter.
Ride like you’re on Cloud 9.

For everyone, who doesn’t feel like compromising. The DOT 2 is the enhanced follow-up to the well-loved DOT. In addition to the already well-established qualities, it is serially equipped with i.e. solight ecco® airchamber wheels, a large storage area and many other features from the other TFK models.

Further product videos can be found in our Mediathek.

Large hood

You can extend the large hood so that your baby can sleep undisturbed. Brilliant.